Lake Spivey MGA

  • Saturday, March 28th Dog Fight Winner Bob Greene/Daniel Farmer
  • Satuday, March 28th Modified Skins Winner Bob Greene/Daniel Farmer
  • Sunday, March 29th Dog Fight Winner Jim Corbin
  • Sunday, March 29th Modified Skins Winner Brian Nichols

About the Lake Spivey Men’s Golf Association

The Lake Spivey Men’s Golf Association has withstood the test of time. While no official records remain from its inception, the association dates back many, many years.

The LSMGA directorship and membership are dedicated to playing the glorious game of golf as it was intended – by a standardized set of rules, and handicap system, that allow for parity among all golfers.

Membership in the LSMGA entitles each golfer to play in weekend competitions and participate in other sanctioned events. Joining is easy and very affordable; only $10 per year! Simply click on the Directors link above and contact any of the directors or send an email to

Please browse this entire site. We’re sure you’ll see how devoted we are to ensuring you enjoy the game of golf – regardless of your handicap!

  • MGA events start shortly before 12:30.
  • If unable to check in by 12:00, call in advance.
  • Sign up at the pro shop by 12:00.
  • Pairings are assigned at 12:00.

View Point Requirements